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Feed your pets with confidence, assured that you're providing them with the right nutrition necessary for their optimal health and vitality. As a German Shepherd breeder, I understand how crucial this is, especially for Long Hair German Shepherd puppies. This knowledge guides my choice in pet nutrition, ensuring top quality for every German Shepherd under my care.

Why pawTree?

Bring Love Home With pawTree!

As a German Shepherd breeder, especially for long hair German Shepherd puppies, I have a deep appreciation for PawTree and its founder, Roger Morgan. With nearly two decades of CEO experience in the pet industry, Roger has seen the negative impacts of companies that prioritize profits over quality and pet health. 

His commitment to integrity is why he founded PawTree. He was determined to offer products that never compromise on quality, focusing on the health of pets like our top-quality German Shepherds, rather than on profits. This approach resonates with me as a long hair German Shepherd breeder. Roger's decision to distribute these high-standard products through trusted relationships rather than through impersonal big box stores ensures that our pets receive nothing but the best.

Because Compromise Is Out of the Question.

Cutting corners doesn’t cut it for them, because your pet’s health is an investment — not an expense.

Premium pawTree dog food bag, the recommended choice by Royal Tribes K9 for German Shepherd puppies.

They exceed industry standards by simply living up to our own.

They Help You Take The Guesswork Out of Pet Nutrition.

From sourcing premium human-grade ingredients to our selected USDA registered and inspected manufacturing facilities, our standards of quality never waver.

make pet parents choose which ingredients are most important for their pet's health, because they're all important.

They Don’t

formulate products based on buzz words or the latest fads.

They Don't

include the minimum ingredients to make specific claims.

They Don't

work with a team of trusted vets and PhDs in animal science and pet nutrition to develop premium products that ensure our pets are at their best …. always.


See What Everyone’s Barking and Purring About!

Don't just take our word for it. Read how pawTree has made a difference in the lives of pets and their people.

This is your Testimonial section paragraph. It’s a great place to tell users how much you value your customers and their feedback.

Alex Smith

Client Review

This is your Testimonial section paragraph. It’s a great place to tell users how much you value your customers and their feedback.

Drew Carlyle

Client Review

This is your Testimonial section paragraph. It’s a great place to tell users how much you value your customers and their feedback.

Charlie McMann

Client Review

Healthy Long Hair German Shepherd Puppy thriving on pawTree nutrition, endorsed by Royal Tribes K9.

Speaking as a German Shepherd breeder, I'm particularly impressed with PawTree's commitment to quality in their pet food. Their recipes are free from fillers or by-products, focusing instead on nutritionally-dense ingredients. The food is abundant in named-animal proteins and antioxidants, offering the pure, natural nutrition our pets require. This high-quality approach means you'll feed less per day compared to other pet foods, a benefit I've noticed with my long hair German Shepherd puppies.

PawTree's holistic approach to pet nutrition goes beyond mere sustenance; it ensures our pets thrive, not just survive. This preventative philosophy is crucial, especially for breeds like top-quality German Shepherds. It's a strategy that, in the long run, helps reduce costly vet visits, something every long hair German Shepherd breeder can appreciate.

pawTree Products Translate into Savings for You!

But they’re not just selling you a bag of food or treats, we’re providing a lifetime of proper nutrition.

Energetic Long Hair German Shepherds playing, illustrating the vitality and health benefits of pawTree's premium nutrition, a

As a devoted long hair German Shepherd breeder, I can confidently say that PawTree's products are not only effective, but they also come with an unwavering commitment to quality. This brand is dedicated to offering only the highest-quality food, treats, and supplements, ensuring a transformative impact on the lives of our pets, including our top-quality German Shepherds. With PawTree, it's always about providing nothing less than the best.

Furthermore, PawTree stands firmly behind their products. So, if you ever find yourself not completely satisfied, they encourage you to reach out. Their promise is to make things right, a guarantee that gives me, as a long hair German Shepherd breeder, immense confidence in recommending their products to others.

Trust Starts With a Promise!

You have nothing to lose and your pets have everything to gain.

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