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Health Guarantee

NOTE: Guarantee will only be applicable and valid if you obtain a Health Guarantee certificate at the time of purchase. and buyer must adhere by our Health Guarantee Rules

Health Guarantee Policy for German Shepherd Puppies

We promise and guarantee that every German Shepherd puppy from our exclusive breeding program is free from hereditary genetic conditions when you bring them home. We're really strict about health in our breeding program, making sure all our German Shepherd parents go through thorough health tests.

Genetic Health Assurance

If, by chance, your German Shepherd puppy, adopted from our breeding program, is diagnosed with a hereditary genetic condition within five years of purchase, we'll quickly and without any second thoughts offer you another puppy of equal value. This guarantee specifically covers hereditary genetic conditions in our German Shepherd lines. For it to apply, the diagnosis must come from a licensed vet who specializes in German Shepherd health and be backed by detailed medical records. 

Immediate Replacement

To make sure our health guarantee for your German Shepherd puppy is all set, you'll need to get a thorough vet check-up done within three days of bringing your new buddy home. This step is super important for making sure your pup is healthy and thriving. Just a heads up – if this vet visit doesn't happen within those three days, it would unfortunately mean that our health guarantee can't apply. 

Mandatory Veterinary Examination

When you bring home one of our German Shepherd puppies, it's important to stick to the vaccination schedule recommend by your Vet and make sure they get all the care they need. This includes regular vet visits, a well-balanced diet made for German Shepherds, and, of course, lots of love and a cozy home. Just so you know, if you don't follow these care guidelines, it would mean that our health guarantee can't be applied. 

Vaccination and Care Compliance

Just a heads up: our German Shepherd health guarantee is specifically for hereditary genetic conditions from our breeding program. It doesn't cover health problems that might happen because of accidents, injuries, or if there's negligence on your part as the owner. So, it's all about those genetics! 

Accident and Negligence Exclusion

To maintain the validity of our health guarantee, it is essential to strictly follow our specified food and supplement plan. This adherence is a key condition of our warranty policy.

and not giving our recommended food and supplements will void the warranty

Food and Nutrition

Keep in mind, our German Shepherd health guarantee is just for you, the original buyer of the puppy. It can't be passed on to anyone else. 

 Ownership Transfer

If you ever have any health concerns or if your German Shepherd puppy gets diagnosed with a condition, it's important to let us know right away in writing. Not doing this could impact whether our health guarantee applies. 


At Royal Tribes K9, our dedication to the health and genetic well-being of our German Shepherd puppies is unwavering. Our 100% Health Guarantee Policy is our promise to you, showing our commitment to offering a genetically sound and healthy German Shepherd from our top-notch breeding program. If you've got any questions or need more info about this policy, feel free to reach out to us. We're here to help! 

PLEASE NOTE: Guarantee will only be applicable and valid if you obtain a Health Guarantee certificate at the time of purchase. and buyer must adhere by our Health Guarantee Rules, INCLUDING the Food and Supplements Recommended by us

We at Royal Tribes K9 are dedicated in our commitment to the health and quality of our German Shepherd puppies. We are quite proud of each pup's strong health and happy behavior, which are a result of its exceptional lineage. We have such a strong belief in these devoted friends that we offer an unwavering 100% Health Guarantee for a full five years after your puppy comes home. You can be sure that we will do everything in our power to help you and your precious family member!

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