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Some Common Asked Question, Part 1

7 Essential Questions to Ask Your German Shepherd Breeder

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Hey there, future German Shepherd owners!

As a breeder who's dedicated years to raising both classic and long hair German Shepherd puppies, I know the journey to finding your perfect pup can be filled with excitement and a bit of anxiety. To ease your path, I'm here to share seven critical questions you should ask your German Shepherd breeder. These questions are key to ensuring you're bringing home a healthy, happy, and well-bred companion.

Health is paramount. Ask your German Shepherd breeder if the puppy's parents have undergone genetic and health testing. This is especially important for long hair German Shepherds, as they can be prone to specific health conditions. Responsible breeders will be transparent about their breeding pair's health history.

2. Are The Parents Registered with a Kennel Club?

Registration with a recognized kennel club is a sign of a breeder's commitment to the breed's standards. It’s a question of legitimacy and ethics. Ensure that both parents of your German Shepherd puppies are registered, which adds a layer of assurance about the purity and upbringing of the breed.

3. Can You Meet The Parents?

Meeting the parents of your potential puppy offers insights into temperament and size, which are often inherited. As a long hair German Shepherd breeder, I always encourage future owners to interact with the parents. This meeting can be particularly enlightening when choosing long hair German Shepherd puppies. with that being said, some breeders occasionally get thier females mated with a well renouned dog from overseas to get that bloodline into their program, also if there is a top notch female that they want to get part of her DNA into thier programs, they can also lease that female, which will make the breeder not able to show the parents in greet and meet of the puppy; and this doesn't decrease thier credibility and any puppy buyer can confirm parentage through a DNA exam to verify who the parents are.

4. Do They Provide A Health Guarantee?

A health guarantee is a breeder's assurance of the puppy's health at the time of adoption. The best German Shepherd breeders will offer a guarantee covering a variety of health concerns, ensuring peace of mind when you bring your new family member home.

5. Are Puppies Up To Date With Vaccinations And Vet Care?

This is a must-ask. A reputable German Shepherd breeder will have a thorough record of the puppies' vaccinations and veterinary visits. This question is even more significant for long hair German Shepherds, as their grooming and healthcare can be more demanding.

6. Does The Breeder Provide References?

References from past customers can provide real insight into how the breeder operates. It’s a window into the experiences of those who have been in your shoes. The best German Shepherd breeders will be happy to provide references.

7. What Post-Adoption Support Does The Breeder Offer?

After-care support is crucial. Whether you're new to German Shepherds or specifically long hair German Shepherd puppies, a supportive breeder can be a valuable resource for advice and guidance as your puppy grows.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right German Shepherd breeder is a crucial step in your journey. Whether you're looking for the best German Shepherd breeder or a specialized long hair German Shepherd breeder, these questions will guide you towards a responsible, ethical, and caring breeder. Remember, a good breeder's goal is to ensure the health and happiness of both the puppies and their future families.

Happy puppy hunting, and here's to finding your perfect German Shepherd companion! 🐾🐶

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